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Hi there. My name is Sadia and I am an energy healer!

  • Are you facing setbacks or problems in various aspects of your life and that despite your best efforts things just do not resolve?
  • Do you feel stuck and that no matter what you do your life is somehow not moving forward?
  • Is it the case that despite being equally or better qualified than others around you, you have to struggle more in life?
  • Does the energy around you feel heavy or off?
  • Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, or any undiagnosed medical issues?

If so, you may be plagued by unwanted energies or imbalance in your energy field. Let me help you bring balance back into your life by shifting your energy back to its true authentic self.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a God-gifted energy healer and my life purpose is using this gift to help people lead happier, healthier and peaceful lives in their own authentic power. A few years ago, I also suffered from unwanted energies and that is when my gift revealed itself and helped me bring my own life back into balance. After this, I decided to use my gift to help others overcome their energy-related problems.

I am an expert in clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and distance healing. Through distance healing, I can remove any blocks and unwanted energies from your life. I have the ability to read into a person’s spiritual aura (energy field) to discover the causes of the ailments and then psychically remove them.

My gift is not restricted to people as I can also remove blocked and unwanted energies from homes, offices, and other locations. Locations also have auras and by tapping into their aura I can read into what the energetic causes of disharmony (if any) are and clear them. Presence of residual, blocked or unwanted energies in personal or professional spaces can also cause disharmony in one’s life. It is essential to remove such energies in order to create a harmonized, healthy, happy, peaceful and productive environment.

Removal of unwanted energies not only helps put your life back on the path to success, happiness and prosperity, but also helps bring harmony back in your relationships. In addition, it helps increase focus and productivity in your personal and professional life.

From the comfort of your home, you can get your life back on track. It cannot get any easier than this!

Remove unwanted energies and blocks from:

  • Life
  • Marriage / Family / Relationships
  • Work or Career / Financial
  • Home

Contact me NOW and achieve the life of your dreams…

What to expect?

Depending on the nature of the problem, it can take anywhere from two weeks or more to clear. Generally one starts to feel a difference within one week. Please note that energy healing does not cure diseases or mental illnesses.

Disclaimer: My success rate is very high however, results can vary from person to person.


You are truly the “ENERGY HEALER”.

“SADIA” is incredibly “POWERFUL” and extremely gifted.


Few months back, myself and my family members were suffering from very very very worst situation And then “GOD” sent an “ANGEL” named “SADIA” to help us. You have helped us to clear all negative energy, creative blocks and obstacles standing in the way of our life.


I feel “FORTUNATE” that you have taken the “PAIN” and “TIME” for myself and my family.


She’s great! We are all lucky to have her here on the Earth with us. If you need physical, emotional or spiritual help, I wholeheartedly recommend “SADIA”.


God bless you and give you the power to heal the needy. From bottom of our heart we thank you my 😇 “SADIA”. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

S.J.Abu Dhabi

SADIA” is incredibly “POWERFUL” and extremely gifted. You are truly the “ENERGY HEALER”.


Few months back, myself and my family members were going through very tough times. And then someone recommended “SADIA”. And as she started clearing “NEGATIVE ENERGY” we all started feeling better. she proved to be a “MIRACLE” for us.


It is not just your unique approach of healing core energy imbalances, it is your “OPENNESS”, your “DEDICATION”, your “PATIENCE”, your “LOVE”, your “CARING”, your “INTUITION”, and your “ENERGY HEALING” from which everything else flows.


I will remain greatly indebted to this healing “ANGEL” of my life!

You are the “BEST HEALER” and a great “HUMAN BEING” I have ever worked with.


God bless you and give you the power to heal the needy. From bottom of our heart we thank you my 😇 “SADIA”.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

S.VAbu Dhabi

I have known Sadia since I was a little girl but we hadn’t been in touch and then out of the blue our paths crossed.

I have been seeking to clear myself of all negativities and obstacles. However, every time I thought I achieved some clarity I would still feel blocked and so I would continue to seek help and so a reunion was manifested.

Sadia looked into my aura as well as my extended nuclear family and our respective homes and found several blockages. Whatever their nature she managed to break their hold on us.

I feel less depleted, I have since been sleeping better, less disturbed by negative energies and my relationship with my mother feels like it is on the mend. I have also had aspects of my personality that have been long dormant return to me as if they never left and this has moved me to (happy) tears. I have found myself less spiritually resistant. It’s early days still but I have renewed hope!

Thank you Sadia, for the love and care that you have treated me with and for being as generous as you are with your time. Stay Blessed and shine on! 🌟💜🙏🏽

T.B. – London

Do you find yourself feeling blocked or often choked up? Do you struggle with shadows that haunt you during your lowest times? Do you feel there are energetic blocks in your life that need to be healed and/or removed? Well, I have been there myself and can promise you that working with this incredible woman will be one of the best things you can do for yourself.  Sadia has been a saviour in my most darkest moments. She has helped me when I have had to face my own demons and get rid of them. When I have needed her, day or night, she has been there and even if I’m out of touch she checks in and makes sure I am doing ok. Sadia takes the wellbeing of her clients very seriously and is an honest, sincere and genuine soul that you can count on.

She is an incredible energetic healer that is caring, conscientious and above all, stays with you until you are fully healed and on the right path. The work we have done together has been to the point, extremely powerful and timely and no matter how difficult it gets, Sadia has the faith and strength to carry us both through even if I falter. All I can say is, give her a chance and you will instantly feel uplifted, lighter and in a better state than you have ever known. I know I have and working with Sadia is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.


F. El – SayedSwitzerland

I contacted Sadia as I felt I had many blockages in my life, my family were not only having many blockages but they were divided, and suffering from anxiety and low moods, at home I felt a very heavy energy for over 6 years. I had been to many healers in the uk, us and uae with no luck.

Sadia was not only able to detect that not only was it due to issues with the energy in my home, it was due to an individual having done spell work to break the family apart and cause issues amongst each individual.

I noticed changes in family members within a few days of energy clearing and the house felt different the very next day. In just a few weeks, not only has my home become lighter, brighter and more joyful, my family are talking to each other again after many years, I can already see my blocks lifting and everyone’s mood and behaviour has changed for the better, even my pets are happier in their home. I am so grateful that I found Sadia and have  recommended her to others who have had blockages, constant low moods and unknown medical issues that cannot be identified.

Sali, UK

Before I was cleared by Sadia I was feeling oppressed, felt like running away, frustrated feeling erratic, negative thoughts and wanting to isolate. Things were not good at home, atmosphere was depressing. Husband had changed was very quiet and withdrawn. It was quite miserable.

And now I feel much better after the clearing. The atmosphere is light now.. and I feel calm, not so upset like before .Negative thoughts are going away. I feel positive now and lighter.

N.S. – Pakistan

I have done three sessions with Sadia and my first session was done remotely as it was an urgent need to clear my energy from an entity attack and as soon as I contacted her, she came to my rescue- I’ve immediately felt better and lighter. I continued my weekly sessions and found Sadia to be compassionate about helping people and is a powerful practitioner. She knows what she’s doing and is a strong psychic and is able read and guide people and issues with ease. She’s different in the sense as she does not withhold information or her healing for the next session. She gives her 100% to her sessions. I highly recommend her. 🌼

N.S- Dubai

Sadia has worked with me after some totals with other healers and with her help I manage to break free from strong negative energy that was consistently affecting me and my body. She was committed all along the process to follow up and was always reachable when needed. I would recommend her if you are suffering from negative energy for any reason and like me are very skeptical.

F.B Dubai, UAE

Sadia is a very kind and helpful person.

Thanks to her powerful gift she accurately identified the issue and solved it immediately. I feel that I’ve experienced the safest and most effective healing treatment as it is based on prayers from the Holy Quran. Lastly, what I also really appreciate is that her healing treatments are offered to Muslims and non-Muslims.

L. Y. -France

Sadia you have changed my life. I feel a new life. What I was and what I am today is so different.

Thank you tons 🙏🙏🙏 you have been an angel for me. Not only I trust you enough but I have faith and strong belief on you.

Hope to always have you supporting me in my life 🙏💛💛💖

S. A. – Dubai

Sadia has helped me and my family clear so many issues including a generational curse which we weren’t even aware of! Even though we had approached many healers, this never came up. She is truly gifted and we thank God that we were guided to her in such an unexpected way. We can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for us.

M. AS – Dubai

Sadia has been an angel not only in me and my husband’s life but for my entire family. Starting from my father, My mother , sister in law brother, my niece. She has saved us from all unfortunate situations. My brother was hospitalized before but now he is happy and more close to his family. In fact he is following the best diet and taking care of himself as well as the family. Before he was drinking alcohol a lot and now he has stopped.

All Thanks to the most divine helpful soul. I must say the Lovely Sadia.

She is just the beautiful twin heart I have in my life. We all are great fans of her and deep respect. 💞💞💞

S.A. – Dubai

I was hexed for last four years, specifically a financial block with demonic attachments. Of course I didn’t know that, however now after I have been treated successfully by Ms. Sadia Khan, it is exactly like she advised and outlined.

Ms Sadia Khan was referenced by my Reiki instructor during my Reiki 1 attunement, and I was told that there are some attachments to my energy body that are not good. I was given Sadia’s number and by whatsapp, it was confirmed and synopsis detailed. For a reasonable fee, it was cleared and all is perfect.

Very professional and dedicated. Knows her job, and does what she says. Simply said.

Thank you Sadia you really made a difference in my life, I was reaching point of no return. But with your help I was able to move forward and recover.

M. A. Yousaf – Dubai

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